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Is there legal recourse available?

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If an individual moves from one location to another, and the public works company failed to reconnect service for 4 days even after notification of such move 2 days in advance, and given a specific date to reconnect service, and is now responsible for the wrongful termination of the individuals employment as an at home voice agent on line for a corporation who has now been terminated due to the negligence of said public works company, is there any legal recourse available to pursue against the corporate employer for wrongful termination in this matter, as well as against the public works itself for causing the situation? This is criminal, and unfair, as the employee has done everything in their power and had no control over the negligence of the public works company.

The corporate entity in question claims, "violation of policies and procedures", even though it was impossible for the employee to follow such "policies and procedures" in this situation.

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If you have a discrimination theory about retaliatory discharge or hostile workplace conditions you'll need a lawyer. Religious belief, age, gender, race etc. all are discriminatory reasons for which you cannot be legally fired and upon which you might base a wrongful termination suit.

If you are an at-will employee, you can be fired for any reason or no reason, except unlawful discrimination. If you do not have an employment contract or union to represent you, your recourse is limited. Discrimination based on age, gender, race, religious beliefs etc.... may give rise to a different answer.

That said, remember life is not fair. And, while disgusting this conduct is not criminal either

Good luck. Take this as opportunity knocking.


Can you sue the public works company? Probably not.

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You probably would not win such a case. In order to sue the utility company for negligence it would have to be foreseeable you would lose your work-at-home job. A lawsuit against the company would not be viable because you were unavailable for work for two days. They had the right to terminate employment.

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