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Is there HIPPA Laws of Confidentiality for Ministers what do you do when they have violated personal information and medical ?

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I was speaking to my Minister and he has violated very personal information I told him and stressed that it was Confidential and I do not want anyone including other Ministers to know. He is also an attorney prior so I thought he would really keep my things confidential. He told all the Ministers on staff and now he does not want me to go to any classes, cannot volunteer in anything and cannot sing in choir or take music classes or anything.He also intercepts calls/talks. He is also telling me that he does not believe that their church can handle someone who has Bipolar and is compliant with medicine. Is discrimination allowed in a church? What can I do? This passes from 1 church to another with Ministers. Help. I've been blackballed....what are my rights and what type of atty to go to

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This is not a HIPPA violation and unless you were in a confessional it is not a privileged conversation. If he was not your lawyer it was not a client privilege, it was just you talking to a minister and him not wanting you to be a member since you have mental problems and he thinks you might harm someone. Why would you want to be a member of a congregation if they discriminate? Why not find another church or organization to belong to?


I don't really see a legal case here. It doesn't sound like there was an expectation of confidentiality on the minister. If you are not welcome there, find a new church



I am finding a new Church right now. This Minister is calling Churches I am visiting and slandering me to new Ministers before I even start. I do not see how this behavior is restorative from extensive trauma. I do not need this behavior that is further ripping me down. How do I stop them from calling the New Churches I visit? I do not tell them. Somehow they all are connected and talk. How do I stop this talk from 1 church to another? They refuse to tell me even what I did if anything. No honesty here.


Unfortunately, there is no HIPAA for ministers.

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