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Is there grounds to file a lawsuit against immigration (ICE) after detaining a US citizen for a month?

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we tried to tell ICE/DHS that the person they were detaining derived citizenship when she was 13 yrs old. After a month they finally released our loved one because they said she is indeed a citizen as we have been telling them,
we tried to call the 800 number we wrote letters to public advocate and kept getting either generic response or run around answers. after about a month during a master calendar hearing we finally convinced the ice lawyer to listen and next day they released .

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Based on the facts provided there are potential grounds for bringing a lawsuit against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Please consult with an immigration lawyer.


I will much rather have you consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Behar Intl. Counsel 619.234.5962 Kindly be advised that the answer above is only general in nature cannot be construed as legal advice, given that not enough facts are known. It is your responsibility to retain a lawyer to analyze the facts specific to your particular situation in order to give you specific advice. Specific answers will require cognizance of all pertinent facts about your case. Any answers offered on Avvo are of a general nature only, and are not meant to create an attorney-client relationship.


I would recommend consulting an attorney who practices civil rights violation matter and or Federal Tort law.

Madhu Kalra Kalra Law Firm 23720 Arlington Avenue, Ste 5 Torrance, Ca 90501 (310) 325-9012


Yes. I currently represent an individual in a civil suit who was wrongfully deported. There are other civil cases out there for citizens wrongfully held/deported. Feel free to contact my office.



we have emailed your firm . thank you

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