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Is there anyway to reduce my speeding ticket fine?

Canton, GA |

I received a speeding ticket for going 66 in a 55 zone. Since that is 11 over, it does not qualify as super speeder, and the officer that pulled me over told me no points would go against my license. However I called the solicitor's office today and it turns out my fine is a whopping $230 for only 11 over the limit! This is my very first speeding ticket ever. Is there anyway to reduce this fine or get out of it all together by traffic school or something? I have received a ticket before because of a car accident where I rear ended someone, but I have never received a speeding ticket before. Please tell me, what are my options?

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If you can get the prosecutor to reduce the speed to 10 mph, your fine would be reduced to $175. Otherwise, you will have to talk to the prosecutor about other options. Some jurisdictions offer a community service program. For instance, in Fulton County, subject to meeting the qualifications for the program, you can do 20 hours of community service in lieu of paying a fine, or you can go to an approved defensive driving course and get the ticket dismissed altogether. Also, if you cannot pay all of the fine at once, most jurisdictions offer time to pay. They put you on probation until you pay your fine in full.