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Is there anyway that i can apply/obtain a work permit, since i have a social security number?

Fredericksburg, VA |

I have been allocated a Social Security Number, while i lived in the USA for 7 years and i left the country. I returned in 2014 to the USA, on a visiting visa. Can i apply for a work permit, using my SSN?

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A ss# is for tax purposes, it has nothing to do with your immigration status.


No you cannot. You would first have to obtain a visa that allows you to work. You either need an employer to sponsor you or invest sufficient funds in your own business


There are diff ways to get a work permit. You will need to get one before you can re-use your SSN. You can not apply for a work permit just because you had a SSN.

You do need to meet with an immigration attorney. We need to know your complete past immigration and criminal histories before any assessment could be made on your options in getting a work permit. Free consultation (Spanish, Vietnamese). Information provided here are for general purposes only. No implied nor express relationships are established.