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Is there anything that says the custodial parent must provide the kids with a bedroom?

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My 9 year old boys have been living with their mom for the past 4 years, and with all the child support I pay, they are still living in a 1 bedroom apartment and sleep on the floor in the living room. Yet she purchased another car recently, blew her income tax credit on Disney World, goes to football and basketball games, etc. I have a two bedroom apartment, they have their own bed here and have been living with my girlfriend for over 2 years. She is in grad school, and I am in nursing school. My home is way more stable. I can go on and on, but is there anything that says the custodial parent must provide the kids with a bedroom?

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There is no law that says the kids must have a bedroom or a bed.

That said, you might want to make an appointment with a family law attorney and discuss what you have to prove to change custody. Your children are reaching the age where custody often switches to the father. I've seen a lot of boys go to live with their dad in middle school.

It would probably be money well spent to spend an hour or two with an experienced family law attorney and discuss what the judge would "like" to see in a modification to change custody. You can start now to build a strong case for modifying custody.

Look on this website and others for an attorney that you like. You need someone that you connect with. You can actually go down to the courthouse and watch attorneys in action. Many attorneys will talk to you on the phone or they offer a free initial consultation. Pick someone that you feel will "fight" for you and your children.


No, but it is certainly a factor for the court to consider when determining a change in custody. You should contact a good family law attorney in your local area and discuss your options. When looking for an attorney find one who limits their practice to family law and practices in your home county. Good luck.

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