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Is there anything my fiance can do to be released early or serve less time?

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My fiance was sentenced eight years with half time and is seving his sentence in county jail. He is in George Bailey Detention Facility. He was charged with POS/PUR F/SALE NARC/C/SUB. Of course it is a felony. He is only 21 years old and has no priors. He is already a trutstee and he is thinking about fire camp. So from the information I have given you so far, what do you think his chances of being released early are?


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If he has already been sentenced then he will be released when the Sheriffs department determines. I would guess it would be at his scheduled release. Probably not much sooner.


He could be released early, but it depends on the population of the jail, his conduct, and arbitrary decision making.


He should have been given a release date already. For now, that is unlikely to change. Last I heard, fire camp was being phased out. He can always petition the court to modify his sentence at an appropriate time and with an appropriate reason.

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