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Is there anything I can do to speed up credit repair after a foreclosure?

Klamath Falls, OR |

I know it will stay on my record for a long time, but are there other things I can do to kind of offset the foreclosure?


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If you pay your other bills on time, that will slowly increase your credit score. Paying them early helps even more. Do not apply for new credit, as each credit application lowers your score.


I have a 10 part series that covers issues of credit repair. Although designed for helping after bankruptcy, no reason these tips couldn't help after foreclosure as well. I am posting a link to the one I think might be most useful to you.

Hope this perspective helps!


It depends. Is the foreclosure the only negative item on your credit report? If there are other items that need attention, start looking at disputing any inaccurate information in those other tradelines. Make sure, if creditors post that you were late in a given month, that you were actually late. Otherwise, dispute it immediately. Errors happen, so the sooner you clean it up the better. You are going to get credit offers from what we call "fee harvester" credit card companies. Throw those out right away. They will only hurt you in the long run. Pay all your bills on time. All of them. Credit utilization should be at no more than 30%, but if you can keep it lower, great. Age of credit is important, so don't cancel the cards you've had the longest.