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Is there anything I can do to reduce a DUI costs?

Denver, CO |

What are my options as far as reducing the costs of a DUI costs? Can I attend a traffic school or offer public services to reduce or eliminate certain costs or fees?


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You could start alcohol classes. It may reduce the probation period and the supervision fees.


An experienced attorney will discuss this matter with both the judge and state or district attorney assigned to your case and negotiate the minimum fine. You can also inquire into the court allowing you to perform community service that will be applied toward your fine and/or costs.

In Florida, with the judges approval, community service performed at a charitable organization is applied toward costs and fines. The judge on your case may permit the same type of agreement.

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The previous answers are correct.

I would add that the best way to reduce court imposed costs are to either beat the allegations outright or to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges. In order to accomplish this, you will almost certainly need a lawyer. Many good lawyers can be found here on Avvo and many will offer a free, initial consultation to discuss your case.

Best of luck to you.

John Buckley
Denver DUI Defense

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