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Is there anything i can do to get my visitation rights for my 2 yr old son changed and the amount of child support lowered?

Columbus, OH |

I recently went through a divorce with my ex-wife and we have a two year old son together. My visitation rights were set for every other weekend on Saturday and Sunday only, but she recently up and moved away with him to Atlanta Georgia to finish her schooling without my consent and now expects me to keep those visitation rights and fly in my son to see him every other weekend which i cant afford to do. I live in Ohio and plane tickets are really expensive to be buying them every other weekend to see my son for a day and a half. She also expects me to pay $330 a month for child support for my son that i never get to see now, which is also extremely hard to pay with the monthly income i make and all the bills i have to pay to live. I do not make enough to even come close to the amount she is expecting. Is there anything i can do to get my visitation rights changed and the amount of child support lowered?

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Her move to Georgia should be considered a change of circumstances for visitation reasons. However, you will need to discuss this matter with an experienced attorney within your area to determine whether or not you have a change in circumstances, which would allow for a change in child support. It i s not clear from your question whether such a change has occurred. Only an attorney, who is equipped with all of the facts can properly advise you as to your best course of action.

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Sounds like it but you'll need to file the appropriate motions with the court. Get an attorney.

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Your ex's move should have been noticed to the court and yourself and a hearing held. The fact that she moved without notice and permission can work well to your advantage. There are a lot of issues that could come into play and far to many to adequately address on this forum.

You need to consult a family law attorney in your area QUICKLY. The longer you wait the more it will seem you have accepted the situation as it is. In my opinion, time is of the essence.

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