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Is there anything i can do to get my husband out of prison early?

Kalamazoo, MI |

hes in for a parole violation. The reason he was on parole was for a meth lab charge. he went to bootcamp and came home on tether. he completed that. then it was said he struck a vehical. he pled guilty to breaking a window out of a car. and then they gave him two years in a correctional facility. is ther anything i can do to get him home early. I just had his daughter and he missed the birth, shes two months old now i don't want him to miss anymore. Please tell me if thers anything and i mean anything i can do to get him home sooner??

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There usually very littel that can be done with regards to a parole violation. However, if you really want to pursue it then you should talk with an attorney who may be able to make in roads with the parole board or even the parole office to expedite the process.

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