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Is there anything I can do if I was charged with resisting arrest during a DUI stop but I do not believe I was resisting?

Mesa, AZ |

This was my first offense ever. I complied with the field sobriety tests and breathalyzer test but the officer said I wasnt doing it right and instructed me to do it again. It still did not read properly so he turned me around and slammed my head into the hood of my car and cuffed me saying I was resisting arrest.. He said the other officers present would testify for him and that I would never see the video of the arrest. I was sitting in the police car and got out of my handcuffs. The officers told me to step out of the car. I did get out of the car and they tazed me. At the station I was so upset from the abuse I had suffered I refused the blood test. Eventually it was taken from me anyway. In the meantime I was held for hours without a phone call or water.

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There are a lot of issues here that are difficult to address in this type of forum and require much more detailed information. You should most definitely consult with a criminal defense attorney to review this case and determine your options. Resisting arrest charges can have serious consequences. Depending on the facts, it can be charged as a felony.

Charity Clark
Charity Clark Law, PLLC


Speak with an AZ criminal defense attorney ASAP. The tazers should be equipped with video and possibly the police units as well. your lawyer can take the steps necessary to defend you and vindicate your civil rights


You definitely need a lawyer to vigorously defend you. You have many issues here that need addressed. Good luck, hope that's helpful

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