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Is there anything I can do if my dog was shot by the police without biting anyone?

Muncie, IN |

My dog escaped from my yard Saturday night. We searched the area for two nights before I finally called the animal shelter, where I was informed that my dog had been shot. They stated he was chasing people and thats why they came out. When they arrived he was aggressive and they couldn't apprehend him so they called the police for backup who then shot him. I have had him for 5 years and was never aggressive enough to have been shot. I have 3 kids who were always around him he was very gentle with them.

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I'm very sorry for the loss of your pet. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything that you can do legally under these circumstances. Even if your pet was shot without cause, which will always be a "he said/she said" argument between you and the police who were actually at the scene, animals are considered property under Indiana law and are therefore only worth their actual monetary value. Again, I'm very sorry, this must be heartbreaking. Good luck to you.



Thank you for your feedback. My heart is broken over the whole ordeal and even I know nothing I do will bring him back, I wanted to Check anyway. Thank you again.

Leslie Brooke Pollie

Leslie Brooke Pollie


You're welcome. Take care.


Incidents involving dogs shot by police are increasingly common. However, absent eye-witness reports that the dog was not doing any of the acts the police claim he was, you have no basis to challenge their actions.

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