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Is there anything I can do against a used car dealership that sold me a car that needs a new motor & we've had it less than 4 mo

Seattle, WA |

Vehicle was purchased just over 3 months ago from a used dealer lot. The vehicle did have an AS IS sticker.. About 3 weeks ago we noticed a problem. The vehicle now needs major repair work. A mechanic even recommended a whole new engine and the year of the vehicle is only a 2004. I think it's possible the dealer knew it had problems. Also, the paperwork for the vehicle is incorrect. The model the paperwork shows would make it a 4 wheel drive, however it is only a 2 Wheel Drive. I learned this doing more research on the vehicle. I knew it wasn't a 4 wheel drive when I bought it, but I had to pay registration for a model I don't actually have. Don't know if this is something to be worried about or could use against them.

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3 possibilities in cases like this:
1- There is a warranty and they breached it.
2- They made a mistake in the paperwork.
3- They knew or should have known about serious problems and failed to disclose.

You will need a consultation with a competent consumer protection atty to know where you stand. Find someone competent here:

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