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Is there anything a former adult entertainer can do?

Van Nuys, CA |

I'm a former adult entertainer who has been trying to walk away from it all the past 6-12 months. I had been working with an amateur photographer with a verbal agreement that if my pictures sold we'd split 50/50. I left it at a verbal agreement because I was only working with him as practice for myself and for him. After a busy week and being tired of putting up with constant phone calls from the photographer, I told him that he needed to leave me alone and I was too busy to talk. That's when he started threatening me and harassing me. He demanded I give him everything back he'd ever given me or done for me and I did that willingly right away yet I have NOT received my stuff back. He continues to send me harassing emails, texts, & threats. He's also started cyberstalking my little sister

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You need an attorney to help you enforce your contract rights and copyright rights and get this guy to stop harassing you. Best.


You may also wish to investigate the possibility of a restraining order against this person, so as to stop him from contacting either you or your sister. This is in addition to claims you have to get your property back.

Best of luck to you.


Clearly do it yourself is not working. You will need a lawyer for a restraining order and perhaps as interface with the police for their intervention.

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You have several causes of action in various fields of law. I have been handling such matters for years. You need at least one attorney to resolve the harassment, bullying and stalking issue to you and your sister. This is a serious issue and needs immediate attention because of the possible risks. Then you need to resolve the photo issue(s). Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation. I suggest meeting with at least one soon, very soon.
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Welcome to the world of working without a written contract. Enforcing verbal contracts are difficult as the result comes down to your word versus his word. If you have email communications between you two defining the agreement, that would be very helpful. You have copyright claims to these images that are likely shared with him. The important part is defining the grounds for exploiting the materials.

The harassment and stalking is another issue. You can always call the police if it gets threatening.

I any event, hire a lawyer to help guide you though this maze.

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