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Is there any way u can get have of your income tax money

Dearborn, MI |

or there is nothing you can do about tax garnishment

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Only a government creditor can take your tax refund from the source - the legal phrase is called "intercept." Once the tax refund hits your bank account, it is fair game for a creditor with a court judgment or for your bank if you owe them $$$. Hope this perspective helps!


If you owe the government or have had a deficiency judgment on a government backed loan, for instance, you will not be getting a refund until the amounts owed are paid. I suggest you go talk to a bankruptcy attorney in Dearborn to see whether a bankruptcy might be able to discharge or "wipe out" what it is that you owe for (I can't tell without more information about your situation).

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Michigan allows judgment creditors to attach your income tax refund. The only way I have been able to recover what they already got is to file a bankruptcy by March 31st, and claim an avoidable preference, since there is case law that says the refund is "earned" at midnight on December 31st. Otherwise, I advise my clients to NOT file the Michigan return until after the bankruptcy is discharged.