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Is there any way to speed up getting a court date set?

Corpus Christi, TX |

My ex-husband and I have mediation paperwork. I was supposed to have my child returned to me on August 1, 2013 Unfortunately that didn't happen. My attorney filed and faxed paperwork for enforcement to opposing parties attorney's. We are now waiting on the court to set a date. Is there a time frame that the courts have to give a date for the hearing? Is there anything we can do to get a court date quicker?

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It depends on the county and their availability. Right now is a very busy time for the courts due to school starting so dockets may be full and attorneys may already be busy. Best of Luck.


Courts handle setting cases in different ways. Ask your lawyer how this is done in your court and whether there is anything you can do to expedite this.


A motion for enforcement requires 10 days notice. You can petition the court for an expedited setting. The motion for enforcement should have contained an order to appear with a court date. You should discuss this further with your lawyer.

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