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Is there any way to lower the time sentenced on an aggravated robbery charge if they took a plea deal?

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They were sentenced to 25 years, first felony and first time in prison. His lawyer at the time was woking against him and was dishonest about the amount of time that would be served if he took the plea. By the time he was able to get another lawyer it was too late. Is there anything that can be done to get his sentenced reduced?

He is 6 years into his sentence

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You need to consult an appellate attorney. His only options are an appeal, or if his time to appeal has expired, a writ of habeas corpus.

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Chances are probably not. Aggravated Robbery is a very serious charge, even as a first offense. If the initial lawyer was dishonest, then there exists a possibility of having the conviction overturned and set for re-hearing. But be careful what you ask for, the DA may want more than 25 years. Especially if their have been some behavior issues while incarcerated the last six years. Good Luck

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