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Is there any way to lower my first time ticket fine?

Oxnard, CA |

I live in California. I got a notice of traffic violation under VC 21453(a). The violation was caught based on photographed evidense. I have to pay a fine of $490. Or $555 to attend the traffic school so I don't get a point count on my DMV record. Either way, I couldn't afford to pay. They are so expensive. And I don't want to request monthly payments either, that will cost me more than the other two options. Is there any other ways to lower my fine. I am thinking about going to ask the court to lower my fine since it is my first time for violation. Will that help? Any advice will be really appreciated. Thanks.

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Traffic cites can be tremendously expensive. I would suggest you put this matter on calendar in Division 10 and speak to the judge. If you are willing to accept responsibility early on, I would bet if this is truly your first offense, he will lower your fine significantly.

Good luck!


Some judges will significantly reduce traffic fines. It appears my colleague is familiar with the local courts, so my advice is to take his advice! Good luck.


Mr. Wilfert is correct. Very often, in Ventura County if you put your case on calendar you likely will get your fine lowered. Some charges have minimums that restrict the judges ability to lower them. There has been some recent turn over regarding the judicial officers in Dept. 10 in Ventura, so I am unsure how this particular charge is being handled by the Judge.