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Is there any way to get help with this ticket?

Nicholls, GA |

Hello I am 16 and I've received a traffic citation for 79/55. I was clocked by a Georgia State Patrol officer with a Genesis 1 Radar. The ticket stated that the radar was calibrated less than ten minutes prior to the ticket being written which isn't possible. The officer was traveling around a corner very near to the bumper of another car when I was clocked. Also I was told when I walked back to talk to the officer that I was actually traveling 77mph. The road had no traffic on it, and it was clear sunny day. If you'd like any more information just ask, but I know for a fact that I wasn't speeding. The officer stated his reason for ticketing me was "to teach a lesson." Considering that I am only 16 and the law states that at 24mph over I am at risk of having my license suspended....

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There is no question. You can dispute the officer determination in court. Yes, considering your age, your license will be suspended if convicted.

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Your license will be suspended if you plead guilty to this charge, you need to hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Nothing that you've stated mitigates the offense, in fact it makes it more contentious which is not beneficial to you at all.

My office mate is the Traffic King, I would call him. Scott Fortas