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Is there any way to get a CSC charge off your record?

Howell, MI |

I was convicted of a 3rd degree csc assalt with intent to penetrate in 2005. Made one mistake and now i have to deal with all kinds of things from everyone around me so I was just wondering if there is any way i can get it off my record.

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Probably not.


Unfortunately the answer is No. Only CSC in the fourth degree can be expunged or set aside. CSC in the first, second, or third degrees cannot be expunged.



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Would it be redundant if I answered no? Good luck...


No, csc is permanent, unless you are charged as a minor for one of the lower charges.

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You might be able to file a motion for relief from judgment, seeking a new trial. If the motion wins, and you then win the new trial, or the case is dismissed, then the csc would no longer be on your record. You could also seek a pardon from the governor.

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