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Is there any way to fight the 25 mile rule in Arizona for dispensaries. I am medical marijuana patient with only SSDI/SSI

Sierra Vista, AZ |

This 25 mile rule for dispensaries in Arizona is going to mean when I have to renew, I can no longer cultivate my medicine. There is a dispensary for me within 25 miles, but the cost is over $400 an ounce and I need 2-3 a month for spinal degeneration, RA,, chronic migraines, and other disabling conditions. If I buy medicine, I cant eat. If I eat and pay bills, no medicine. I cannot go back on narcotics for pain as they were causing my internal organs to shut down. I was told either to stop morphine and percocet hcl or lose my colon. MMJ helps without narcotic problems. What can I do?

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I don't know of any way to fight the law, but have you thought about moving to somewhere that is more than 25 mi away from a dispensary? There a lot of little rural towns in that area: my wife grew up near there. If you have to move to get the medical care you need, that's a good reason to do so.

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