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Is there any way to clear my driving record completely?

Kenosha, WI |

i am searching for work and employers dont want you if you have 3 or more violations in two or three years .. i have 4 speeding tickets and i;ve gone to traffic safety school and reduced my points i still have a valid license,.never had any kind of accident?? what do i do ?? not work for three years?

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Attorney answers 1


You have two options. First, you can request to reopen those tickets and get them changed to non-moving violations. That will be very difficult. Second, you can find a line of work that does not require a driving record check. Unfortunately, your driving record will stick with you your whole life. Violations never entirely disappear off your record. The DMV keeps very good track of them. Hopefully, at some point your tickets will not negatively impact your job search.