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Is there any way that i can become legal?

Greensboro, NC |

I was brought here underaged so i didnt have any say in the matter, now 24, the only life i know is here in the USA. I have a clead record never gottted in any trouble. i even pay taxes (w/ a fake #) im not in welfare and i do not want to marry just to become legal. Is there anyway for me to help not only my-self, but my family?

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If a petition was filed for you before April 30th, 2001 you may have a chance. Otherwise follow the dream act, as that may help you. Read the link below.


For additional information, see:


You have some issues. Your use of a false ssn can be considered a crime involving moral turpitude even though there is no conviction. It certainly can be held against you in any discretionary determinations. You should discuss your matter with an immigration attorney and not rely on message boards. There could be things in your past that that could help you obtain status.

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