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Is there any way i can leave home at 16 because i do not want to live there?

Hinckley, MN |

i do not want to live at home. my parents smoke and it is real nasty. i just do not get along with them. i am smart and i haven't talked to my family for like 6 months. i just want to leave. my mom gets ssi for me and i feel that is the only reason she dos not want me to go

i have talked to a adult what would happen if i just do not go home ?

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As a minor you cannot leave home without permission of both parents. Until you are an adult, unless some crime is going on you have to stay.

I suggest you reach out to a trusted adult like a teacher, minister or priest, or a counsellor at school for a session or two to get some guidance. Online is just not a good method to react to all the things you want to share and to outline all the avenues of options you have available. Please talk to an adult in your area this weekend.

Good luck. There is hope and help.


If you just don't go home you are considered a run away and the police will search you down. Your are too smart to begin getting a criminal record over something like this.

No...what you need to do is seek advise of someone local to you in Minnesota at your school or church that can lay out your options.

Again, online is no way to begin to solve this situation.

Good luck.

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