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Is there any way I can fight the judgement on my license if the law was changed before the accident and I wasn't notified?

Melbourne, FL |

I was at fault for an accident and did not have proper insurance coverage for my passenger. The law in Florida making it mandatory for Bodily Injury coverage for passengers was changed 10 days prior to the accident. Even though I personally went to the company to pay my insurance every month I was not notified. So here I have a lien on my license.

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There is no mandatory BI law in Florida. Florida mandates PIP and 10k in property damage. The only recent change in Florida law has been to the PIP law, which mandates you must seek medical treatment within 14 days or you lose medical benefits. The other change was capping medical benefits to 2.5k unless you were diagnosed with an "Emergency Medical Condition" at which point you can receive up to 10k in medical benefits. Find out from DMV why exactly your license is suspended.



This accident was in January 2003. I can't even get a hardship license till 2027 because of the ruling.


I don't believe your understanding of Florida law is accurate. Florida law has no requirement for mandatory bi(bodily injury). That said, you need to contact the florida department of motor vehicles and determine why your license was suspended.


Bodily Injury coverage is not mandatory in FL. Only PIP and PD ore mandatory.

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Best bet is to get this paid off and contact DMV to get your privileges restored.

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I wish Florida had mandatory BI laws, unfortunately we do not. The recent law changes dealt with the rules and contents of our PIP statute, which is mandatory.

You might consider asking for an informal hearing at DHSMV if you cannot figure out a solution working with the folks at your local DHSMV. Otherwise, there are lawyers who will appeal your DL status for you for approximately $5-10,000.

I would decide if this is something you want to invest in before setting out on a path.


Hire a local FLORIDA lawyer who specializes in traffic ticket law. That is the type of legal specialist you need, not a personal injury attorney such as those above or myself. Hope it works out well and that you decide to buy BI from now on.