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Is there any risk on not following the proceed after winning the DV Lottery?

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I'm from Portugal and I've been selected on the DV Lottery, but my personal situation doesn't allow me to relocate in the US on a near future. If I just don't follow to the next step (sending docus to Kentucky in order to get the interview), will this affect my future in the US? Will I be able to visit as a tourist or even ask for a non-immigrant visa any other time?

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No. What it will do is make you a most favorite person for thousands of other DV winners whose chances of being granted an immigrant visa would increase by about 2% if you take no further action on your win. The more people like you there are the more chances those who want to immigrant will have.

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None at all. As noted by Mr. Segal, you will be doing other DV Lottery applicants a favor.

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Yes, you can completely ignore the instructions.

As for impacting on future non-immigrant visas. If you continue to not be interested in moving to the States and maintain strong ties to Portugal, you shouldn't have problems.

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No, there is no risk involved. You can ignore the selection without any repercussion. Good luck!


In my opinion, possibility exists that they question your immigrant intent while entering, and deny your entry as a visitor. The best would be to document your intention to USCIS, that you are not interested in relocating to US, because you want to stay in your country. When intent issue arises in future, you can present the documentation.

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