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Is there any risk of re-filing AR-11 after 2.5 years online?

New York, NY |

Hello there,

I actually came to NJ as new immigrant, after a week or 2 I moved to NY in October 2010. Then, I posted the form AR-11 at the time of moving as a regular mail but didn't receive any confirmation from USCIS as I was unaware at that time that they post back the confirmation of change of address. Now I was just browsing uscis website as my husband's i-130 petition is pending, read there that USCIS sends out the confirmation of change of address, here I need your advice, should I file AR-11 again for the same address online that I filed for in late 2010 via unregistered post? Will it bring any trouble for me or my husband's petition or in Naturalization?

Thanking in advance and looking forward to a detailed response.


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Yes, go ahead and file another change of address online.

Doing so now will not jeopardize your husband's petition or a future application for naturalization.

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The greater risk would be if you do not file.

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Successfully filed AR-11 form online. Got the reference number.