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Is there any return policy on used cars in OH? My daughter did not understand the contract and is now screwed.

Cincinnati, OH |

She did not realize the $7000 down payment had already been taken off before the financing began. She now realizes she has paid much more than she first thought. Dealership did not sufficiently explain it to her.

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A lot of people think there is some kind of 3 day right to cancel a car sale. Generally there is no 3 day right to cancel a car sale unless there is something written down in your sales paperwork that gives it to you, but you may not be stuck because there may be other ways to cancel the sale. In a used car sale, your legal rights are mostly determined by the paperwork that you sign. Look to see if anything was written down about any kind of right to cancel, but that's not the end of it. Also there’s a federal law that requires all car dealers to post on the window of all used cars they are selling a special “Buyer Guide” form (it’s often called a Used Car Window Sticker) that discloses whether or not a warranty comes with the car. Many small lot car dealers don’t comply with the law. If they don’t, then you may end up with a warranty after all and you may even have the right to cancel the sale. The back side of the form has to be completely filled out and many car lots, big and small, fail to do that too and that can also trigger your right to cancel the deal. You can see what the Buyer Guide form looks like on this web site page: . You need to talk to a local Consumer Law attorney who deals with this kind of case (it's called "autofraud" or car sales fraud). Ohio has some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country and the odds are the dealer proably did something wrong somewhere. Call your local attorney's Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Consumer Law attorney near you or you can go to this web site page for a Free Online 50 State National List of Consumer Law Lawyers ( and find one near you (lawyers don’t pay to get listed here and most of them are members of the only national association for Consumer Law lawyers, But act quickly because for every legal right you have, there is only a limited amount of time to actually file a lawsuit in court or your rights expire (it's called the statute of limitations), so don't waste your time getting to a Consumer Law attorney and finding out what your rights are. If this answer was helpful, please check the box below.