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Is there any pro bono lawyers in Spokane or low cost retainer with payments?

Spokane, WA |

6 months ago I relocated my children 10 miles (new school district) because the current place I was living wouldn't renew my lease. I took the first available housing I could find. I had spoken with my ex about this change and told him I would file with the court. He said it was not needed because I was telling him. Well now he wants the court to hold me in contempt because of this. I have a court date set and need legal help. I do not have $thousands to pay for a retainer. Is there help for me? I already called Northwest Justice/ Clear/ Moderate Means....I do not qualify.

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In general, there is not pro-bono attorneys available. You may want to contact the local family attorneys and see if any are willing to take your case. You may want to see if there is a local legal clinic that can help. It is possible that you make just a little to much to trigger the qualifiers for those other organizations. You can also contact attorneys and see if they will work on a payment plan. Most will not. If you cannot find an attorney, schedule an appointment with the family law facilitator. You need to respond to the motion, even if you do not have an attorney.



The court facilitator can't help me because it is a conflict of interest concerning the case. She was the GAL in my divorce. I feel that I am unable to get help.


I am willing to consult with you in private to discuss your case and payment arrangements. The initial 30 minute consultation will be free. Call me if you would like to set up an appointment. (509) 599-2676.