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Is there any pro bono lawyers in sacramento county for cps cases?

Sacramento, CA |

i need to find a lawyer for my case the court appointed lawyer is not helping me deal with cps for the past 18 months an im tired of it

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Unless you hire an attorney, you are going to be stuck with your court appointed attorney. CPS cases are very time-consuming and require a lot of work. I seriously doubt anyone will do your case pro-bono.

Good Luck.

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NO every parent is guilty until you prove your innocent . YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS DO WHAT THEY SAY IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILD BACK



To whom ever can help! April 4, 2012 Hello my name is Kimberly Wyckoff. I currently live in Anderson Ca. I was RAPED in Hayfork Ca when I was 15 my rapist who was 20. Outta fear he would kill myself I married him and gave birth to my five children …angles the lord blessed me with to make it through the horror. I as well as my children suffered unimaginable physical and mental abuse at the hands of Mr. Mankins. After numerous calls to CPS by my family friends and teachers of my children…Trying to get my children and myself help CPS showed up to investigate many times and forced by Mr. Mankins I lied out of fear to do what I believed was protecting my children’s lives from Mr. Mankins!! We lived a very gruesome hidden life, told not to talk to anyone.. I couldn’t sign the children up for counseling or therapy with school or anyone, He feared that the children would talk!! We moved and moved every time the cops were called or any authority figure came to our home, Mr. Mankins has never been with an adult women, Having raped me at 15 and forcing me to merry him, at 17!! After the birth of my first son, in 1997, I had found out that Mr. Mankins had a report made by a young girls parents for sexual molestation of a 14 year while he was 24... When the investigator showed up. I called and reported it my self about a friend of his sister that He had in his words had sex with earlier that year on a camping trip that I due to being almost due to deliver the first blessing god gave me…she was 15 or 16!! This man is sick in a way that’s indescribable in words no matter how hard I try, In hopes that he would have to pay for his sins.. And My boyz Devon who, then was just 1 and ½ and Daren just months old, WOULD BE FREE and I would not be forced to bring another gift from god into this Nightmare; However Trinity County gave him UNLAWFUL sex with a minor. He was Given a year and let out on house arrest.. four months later!! 1995-1996 While at my parents house he physically beat the crap outta Jamey Bayley throwing her up against my parents air conditioner, Chocking ect… She is now a Trinity County Officer! The list goes on and on, Bottom line is Trinity county CPS…Trinity County Court and any agency there in have done NOTHING to HELP MY CHILDREN!! Although the truth is right there in BLACK AND WHITE!! I finally had the stranght to stand On May 23, 2010 when Mr. Mankins became in raged and came at my father in his home with the knife and fork he was using… after a verbal assault on me. He then pushed and threw me around until finally he left the residents because I called 911. I cant leave angels on this earth if someone wont help me! Domestic Violence is a sickness…violence period is a sickness, Its bread from what children learn, As a mother of the most Amazing five little boyz in the world, I can break this ABUSIVE SICK TWISTED CYCLE! I admit that at just 15 I didn’t know anything but innocents and He Mr. Mankins Took that from me and because fear makes one do extraordinary things! I educated myself as much as I could, About everything I could To try to understand why another human being would hurt another human being! I came up with the After Baby and prayed for the strength to Tell my dad the hardest thing ever and that was That when he asked me on my “Wedding Day“ Honey you don’t have to do this, Is he hurting you and I looked my Dad in the eyes and LIED that is the only thing I did wrong was LIE to cover up the sick TRUTH!! My father forgave me and that’s all I need! I was raised where a persons word means everything “If you cant stand by The words you speak. Then you will NEVER REALLY STAND! Saying your honest and wont break a promises. . .PURE HONESTY FOLLOWS ONLY ONE BOOK! And its always an open book, for all to read and interpret as you please!” I made each of my babies a promises that I would keep them safe…. My CPS worker Mario, says I am blaming my X for ????? Somehow the end of that statement always eludes him in conversation with Me and an

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