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Is there any legal way to have my child attend a school that is outside of our school district boundaries?

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My daughter will be attending Kindergarten in the Fall . We moved close to a school that we really wanted her to attend , only to find out that we are not zoned for that school , although this is the closest school to our home and work areas . Are there any legal exceptions that we would be able to pursue that would allow our daughter to attend the school that is closest to our home and work locations ? We have asked the school administration but they said there was nothing we could do . . . . however , I always hear about exceptions made . I just feel the school would not tell everyone about these exceptions or else it would create a lot of work for them . Please let me know if there's anything from a legal standpoint that we can do .

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You could apply for a waiver, but if she has never attended the school, she would not be eligible. Those waivers are generally for students that have been attending as there is some reason that it would cause a problem if they had to leave. Or you could give legal custody of her to someone who lives in that school district and she could go live with them, but I doubt you want to give up your daughter.

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