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Is there any law preventing former employer demanding new employer terminate employment of former employee?

Naples, FL |

I filed an EEOC complaint against my former employer after they terminated me. I went to work for their Authorized Contractor. After 3 weeks of employment I was terminated from Authorized Contractor upon receipt of email from former employer. Is there any law-protecting employee in this instance?

This was an At Will contract. When I contacted former employer regarding email sent to Authorized Contractor they said they couldn’t tell Contractor who to heir and fire and they denied sending any such email. I know Project Manager for Authorize Contractor he told me he did not want to fire me but he was being pressured to do so. He informed me if I had a subpoena sent for email he would comply. Is this a case of deformation by former employer?

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Did you have a non-compete agreement with the former employer? Also, former employer may have a provision in the contract with the Authorized Contractor that prevents them from hiring people that worked for former employer.


You should contact an experienced business law or employment attorney and raise the issue of "tortious interference with a business relationship."


You may have a case of retaliation against the former and new employer. You can't be fired for filing a charge of discrimination. The former employer may also be liable for tortious interference with your employment. You should contact an employment attorney to discuss your rights and options.