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Is there any immigration benefit from University , Employment Based Visa or any other category? Im in the USA with expired visa

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Came to the US in 2003 with a VISA- Tourist and overstayed.
I was Granted DACA in 2012.
Pursuing a bachelors at at University of North Carolina.
Looking to see what options if any , are there for me Perhaps after i travel with advanced parole? Thanks a lot for your help!

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According to the Secretary of Homeland Security DACA does not confer status. If you travel on advance parole in theory you will be paroled back into the US in DACA classification. There maybe an argument that you may be permitted to change to another status nut that is what it is an argument.

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For certain travel reasons, you may apply for advanced parole if you are a deferred action (DACA) recipient. I suggest you speak with an experienced immigration attorney regarding other long-term options.

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No. Not for you.

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As my colleagues stated, it is not certain if departing the US and returning on advance parole will allow you to apply for and receive an immigration status. As you know, DACA is a deferment of removal during the period of DACA status. Because you entered the US legally, you may have a family based immigration option available if you have a qualifying relative. Congratulations on attending UNC!

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