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Is there any good lawyers on here that can help us out. My fiancé was federally indited & charged with conspiracy .

Omaha, NE |

He is on pre trial release since December doing "active duty" for the DEA got brought down with conspiracy of methempetomine it is his first offense he's a good kid 19 years old in college has a daughter I dislike his lawyer I'm very curious to know how long his sentencing will be and what else we can do to help him help himself.

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I think my colleagues are on the right track with what they said and I would just add that if you or your fiance are not happy with the attorney, you always have the right to shop around. The questions you are asking are answerable, but you would need to fill in a lot of blanks/provide a lot of details about the case which are better given in a private discussion with the attorney.

The direct answer to your question, though, is that there are absolutely a ton of good lawyers out there who can help guide him through the situation and your best bet is to start contacting a few individually to figure out who you wish to retain.


He will need to talk to his attorney. Since he has an attorney we cannot really give legal advice.

I am a licensed attorney in the state of Nebraska. However, the advice I give here is not to be taken as legal advice. It is merely my opinion based on the limited information given. In order to assure that your legal rights are being properly represented I would always recommend going in for a consultation with an attorney to explain your case in detail and answer any questions the attorney might have.


I would strongly recommend you not post anything more about him working for any law enforcement agency. If he has been on pretrial release since December, he certainly either has the Federal PD, private counsel or appointed counsel through CJA. You should be asking that attorney rather than asking lawyers who have no facts about a pending case.