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Is there any due process in juvenille court?

Phoenix, AZ |

!. conference-preliminary protective hearing
-failure to appear-Interested Party
my own private atty and court appointed both no show..

why was this not reset?

2. dependency- preliminary Protective hearing
-vacate & not reset

3.dependency- initial hearing
-Complete/ Held 15 court order..c.p.s no show... no defense made by court appointed private attorney. JUdge set next court date 1 mth and 6 days away.

4. mediation-Dependency Hearing...1 mth and 6 days later... court appointed private atty still had no defense prepared. became defensive and even Result still stands as -
Vacate& not reset.

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I am sorry you are having a horrid experience in Court. While often times people think they have stronger cases than their experienced attorneys, it certainly seems as if there is something wrong if parties are not appearing for the process.

You would be well served by bringing all of your paperwork, including the preliminary report written by CPS in anticipation of the Initial Dependency Hearing, to a seasoned Arizona Dependency attorney for review. This is not the sort of thing that you are going to get in a free consultation, so be prepared to pay for the attorney's time.

This general information does not create an attorney client relationship between the questioner and the author. The internet is NOT a place to get 'legal advice'...although gathering general information is always helpful.


Attorneys should not miss scheduled court dates. Sometimes circumstances arise that prohibits a lawyer appearing and they usually contact the court to let them know. You should consult with your attorney as to what happened and how this affects your case, and what needs to be done to be ready for your next court date. Should you not be satisfied with your lawyer you may want to consider talking to another lawyer to represent you on this matter.