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Is there any "cooling off" period for a standard rental agreement? What if the landlord lied about certain conditions?

Vermont |

I signed a lease and vacated the property after just 3 hours tenancy and immediately notified the landlord that I would not be able to fulfil the lease. There were a myriad of issues (faulty electrical wiring, a cat in the building, a neighbor blaring music at 11pm etc) but the most important issue was the fact that it was rented as a no smoking facility and smoke from a neighbor came right into the apartment. Since my partner is severely asthmatic (just had experimental surgery on his lungs) this was totally unacceptable ... and not something I could "wait and see" if they could fix (his attacks are life threatening). Am I entitled to any portion of my 1st month/ security deposit back?

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There is no cooling off period for real estate transactions but you could sue the landlord for fraud to induce you to enter into that contract. You'll probably need a lawyer to be taken seriously.


No, there is not norrnally any such thing.

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