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Is there an average cost for attorney fee's to fight a speeding ticket in Moore County NC?

Pinehurst, NC |

Have a ticket for 15 mph over the limit. Really thought i was in the right. Have a clear record but also have 2 teenage boys just starting to drive and do not want to use up the Prayer for judgment.

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Don't use the PJC on this simple speeding ticket. Most DA's will reduce a ticket like this to 9 mph over the limit. There is a provision in the NC insurance law that says if you don't have any insurance points and get convicted of going 10 mph or less over the limit, then the increase that would normally apply automaticlly gets deferred fro 3 years and cannot be assessed against you unless you do something in that 3 year period to create more insurance points. You still get the license points (12 points in 3 years = a revocation); only the insurance points get deferred. This is a good deal for most good drivers.

The other option is to hire an attorney and get the charge reduced to an equipment violation. Not every DA does this but many in NC do if you have a good record. Non-moving equipment violations do not put points on your license or insurance. Call a local attorney and find out if this is available and what it would cost. Then calculate the cost of an insurance increase for 3 years. Most attorneys cost less than the potential insurance increase.