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Is there an attorney in Seattle that can help me with a Quiet Title Action?

Seattle, WA |

We can't sell our house or refinance our mortgage because we have an old Washington Mutual lien on title from a Line of Credit that we had with them. Our line of credit was apparently not transferred to Chase when they acquired WAMU. We've called Chase several times and have written them two Qualified Written Requests sent via certified mail but they do not have any records of our line of credit. Prior to Chase acquiring WAMU we had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and I assume that this is the reason the loan has been lost. We understand that the debt from the secured line of credit would not have been discharged and that we owe the debt, however, we need to sell the house or refinance and can't find the rightful owner of the lien to pay off. We have plenty of equity in the house. Anyone?

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Mike Daudt could help with this. Alternatively, the Bar has a project that can assist homeowners with issues like this. You can find more information at http://www/ hope this helps.

Elizabeth Powell


I'd go with Foster Pepper PLLC. - 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 3400, Seattle - (206) 447-4400


A quiet title lawsuit is the way to proceed. You can check to see if the Deed of Trust had been assigned. You would need to sue the current holder of the Deed of Trust. You may have to investigate how Chase took over WAMU.

An attorney representing you would need to know several things about the loan, such as the last time a payment had been made (to see if the statute of limitations had run) and if any arrangements had been made with WAMU post bankruptcy