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Is there action I can take for slander/defamation of character?

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My daughters mother has reported to my daughters doctor that I am abusive to my daughter, abusive to my son (from another mother), my home is unclean, and the home is unfit for me keeping children. All information given can be shown to be false by various forms. The mother has attempted to provide this information to get the doctor to contact dcf and testify against me in parent child contact hearing which she lost. Her actions so far have gone unheeded do to no proof but on numerous occasions the mother lied to the doctor about me to attempt to get me in trouble. This has occurred over the past few years but only discovered recently. Can I do a cease and desist order against her for this? Is there a chance of collecting punitive damages and/or get a retraction letter done by the mother?

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A cease and desist letter might help but proving slander is no easy task particularly in intimate family situations. Consult a defamation attorney for the cease and desist letter and further clarity. best of luck.

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A cease and desist letter may work, or it could throw fuel on a fire.

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