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Is there a wrongful termination based on hostile and gender biased conduct?

Dallas, TX |

I was let go from a company that has no women left in executive positions (previous 2 were also let go), and the executive team, all male, has been hostile. Are these grounds for wrongful termination? I am also over 50.

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You would need to go through all of the facts and circumstances with an employment lawyer. No one could answer the question without more facts. Why were you let go? Why were the other women let go? Has the hostility been gender-related? What are the facts suggesting that you were fired because of your age or gender? The facts that you have stated are the beginning of a case, but not the whole case.


We would have to determine a number of factors, including but not limited to : the severity of the conduct, how pervasive, we're their gender bias comments made etc. There may be grounds for wrongful termination. Consult with an employment lawyer we will provide you guidance.


I agree with my colleagues that more info is needed. I am only writing to say that you need to speak with an employment attorney immediately because there are very short and strict time limits to file a claim with the EEOC.