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Is there a way to speak to a States Attorney about a case

Deltona, FL |

I was arrestted in Volusia county Fl on a burglary charge which I did not do. My lawyer got it thrown out. On the nolle prosequi letter I got there are to lines:
__ is no longer needed for court and may be disposed of according to law
__ hold for futher court proceedings and or instructions This line was checked
My lawyer said he would fix it and sent me the letter back. The line that was checked was scribbled out and the other line was checked but there where no initials any where stating that the form is correct or was corrected.
Can someone tell me how to find the public defender of my case So I can get this matter taken care of. With out talking to my lawyer. He has been giving me the run around ever since I hired him

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I would strongly urge you to consult with your attorney about the issue. You have an attorney-client relationship that keeps your conversations protected.

If you speak with the State Attorney, you are undermining that relationship and while it sounds like your case is almost done, you could possibly damage what little action remains. Reach out to your attorney again. If he doesn't call you back, write him a letter and let him know how displeased you are and ask for an immediate call back. You are entitled to an answer. Stick with it as you're almost done. Hopefully he will come around and leave you satisfied.

Good luck!

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I would go back to the attorney who secured the Nolle Pros in your case. He should help you with this since I'm assuming you paid him. You may also check with the clerk of court and see if the case has been closed.


You should never talk to the State Attorney on your own. Too much bad can come of it and rarely any good. Hopefully your attorney will respond to your request soon. It will be worth the wait in the end. Best of luck!

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Hayward Dykes Jr.


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