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Is there a way to prosecute our County Animal Welfare Department for animal cruelty and neglect?

Macon, GA |

I am part of a large group (See FB page Stop the Killings at the Macon-Bibb County Animal Shelter) that has documented proof of animal abuse and neglect at our local shelter, which is run by our County Commissioners. Several deaths have resulted lately due to Animal Control not picking up animals that were gravely injured and left in the road to die. Our Shelter Manager has just re-hired a man who was fired two years ago for animal cruelty. We have tried speaking with our County Commissioners and the shelter director, and get no response. Articles and letters have been in the Macon telegraph and on local news affiliates, but no action is ever taken. We (and the animals) need help desperately. Any advice as to what direction we should head in will be greatly appreciated.

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Report criminal conduct to the police. Civil laws are impotent in this regard in my view.


If the dept isnt doing its job as reqd, you may be able to go to court to get an order it do so. These are sometimes called writs of mandamus.


Criminal cases would have to be initiated by the police, who work for those commissioners, or the sheriff (who does not), or the DA, who does not. Therefore, meet with the county sheriff and the DA.

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You could also try contacting the Animal Legal Defense Fund to see if they could give you any guidance.

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It is extremely difficult to sue the government or any public entity and win. That being said, there are organizations like ALDF, as one colleague mentioned, that handle these kinds of high-level lawsuits. Meanwhile, I would continue to keep the pressure on with media and social-media exposure. Best of luck!

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