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Is there a way to get house arrest after I violated my parole.

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I was on intense probation and was violated for missing curfew due to miscommunication between me and my PO. I couldnt fight it so I went to court and was given ten days in jail. I showed up every weekend and did my time. On the last day of my intense probation I did miss curfew and was picked up. I got an attorney and they told me I was facing time. I got scared and when my court date came up I did not show up. I moved to the next town and started saving money for a lawyer. About 5 months had went by when I was picked up and now have court date to determin my sentance for a felony probation violation. My parole officer says they have to refer 16-20 months, which is the remaining probation period I originaly had, and they are going to request to spend that in jail. I have a great job, a pregnant fiance, and a son that I am supporting with no other income. My baby is due in 4 months and this is my first. I am trying to find out if I can request house arrest or even request to finish my probation on intense probation. I am reporting for my court date and just want to know how I can stay home to support my family. I know the decision is ultimatly up to the judge, but we can not afford to hire a lawyer with the baby due to be born soon. I have not committed any new crimes and I am a hard worker supporting my family. How can I resolve this without jail time being served.

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I think you asked this question already. You can only be revoked on probation if you have had a new criminal charge/conviction (depending on the county) or if you've absconded, or if this is your third probation violation. Otherwise, the judge can impose, at most, a 90 day CRV.

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