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Is there a way to get compensation for my families medical issues related to my Grandfather working on the Manhattan Project?

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My Grandparents lived in Yakima and who knows what my Grandfather brought home on his clothes. My siblings and I spent all our school breaks in Yakima. I can trace a lot of issues to Yakima. I would need a lot more space to share it all with you. But we have all had issues I believe are related to his work at Hanford. My sister had seisures starting in Yakima at age 13 and a brain tumor removed in her early 20's. My brother had a stint put in his head (early 20's) to help remove fluid from his brain. I had something growing in the roof of my mouth while in Yakima 2 years in a row guessing 9 or 10. I was diagnosed with Shulerman decease in my early 20's. I had a Cist in my cheek when young.I have a Cyst on my brain now,that doctors believe I have had my whole life. How do I get compensated?

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The amount and the steps how to be compensated all depend on proving that living in Yakima caused the medical problems that you discussed above. This can be very expensive to do and may well be very difficult to prove since a large amount of time has passed since the Manhattan Project. There are a variety of other legal issues in play here as well. Please feel free to call so we can discuss this in more depth. Thanks for your question. -Fred


Settlements involving several hundred plaintiffs have already been reached in toxic exposure cases related to the Manhattan Project. Cases of this type often involve a great many injured people and are typically consolidated into a federal multi-district litigation with one or several law firms acting as lead counsel for all the plaintiffs. I suggest starting by searching the Internet and contacting whatever firm may still have an active case involving Hanford exposures for a consultation.

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There are still slightly less than 1000 people in this lawsuit, and it is still possible to go after the DOE.


It's a claim to be brought against the Department of Energy. Shoot me an email if you need help

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