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Is there a way to get a revoked license back before the date they gave me?

Panama City, FL |
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You may be able to secure a license or a hardship license, but you need to proceed with care. Often times, I field calls from people who have paid off unpaid tickets to clear their license, only to learn weeks or even months later that the tickets they paid off have created another license suspension to take effect. I recommend you speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer about how you should proceed so that you can get your license reinstated without compromising your license.

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You may be able to get the ticket convictions undone by having a lawyer file a motion to give you withholds of adjudication on them. Then you can show the state that your license would not have been suspended and you may end up with a reduced charge.


There is a way to get a business permit after a certain period of time. If the revocation is dui related. If it is revoked for points then one might consider trying to reopen the ticket or tickets that put you into the point suspension and litigate for their dismissal.