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Is there a way to get a non jury trial date moved to a soon date?

Pittsburgh, PA |

My boyfriend has a non jury trial and it is scheduled for quite a ways away, he is incarcerated, and we are wondering is there any possible way to get the trial date moved up to a sooner date? Can a motion be filed or something?

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Your attorney can always file a request with the court asking for an earlier trial date. Unfortunately, most trial court dockets are packed and so that "late" date may have been the earliest the court could hear it. Also, if your boyfriend does not have any detainers, his attorney could file a bail petition requesting his bail be lowered so that he can post bail and be release prior to trial. Of course, the success of the petition depends heavily on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. I do not recommend posting any specifics about the case on the internet and instead recommend your boyfriend speak privately with his attorney.


If the defendant is in jail for this case, his attorney can file for a bail reduction and to move the case up. All questions should be directed to his lawyer.


Your answer is based on speaking with your attorney. He would be the best one to answer this question.


I agree with the responses you have received thus far. Your boyfriend's attorney should be handling this issue which is a central issue for anyone in the ACJ. If he is unsatisfied with the representation he currently has he should consider finding counsel who will more aggressively pursue his interests. Most of the attorneys here, myself included, offer free consultations. You might take advantage of that and reach out to one or more who practice in Allegheny County to discuss this privately. Good luck.