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Is there a way I can get a waiver so that my kids wont have to transfer schools?

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I am moving from a borough of a city to the actual city which is a different school system in PA. Is there any way I can protest having to transfer my kids? They love their school and I tried desperately to find a rental in the same area with no luck. Is there any type of statue or waiver or loophole that I can try or apply for to keep them where they are going to school? Any advice is helpful?

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In Pennsylvania, you have the right to enroll your children in the school dstrict where you reside. Although a neighboring school district can agree to acceot yor children, they generally will not do so and if they do will charge tuition. You might check the website for the Education Law Center, PA, which has many resources and information useful to parents.


There are very limited exceptions.



Can you tell me what they are or where I can review them?

Jonathan Seth Corchnoy

Jonathan Seth Corchnoy


They are very fact specific, for example, if a disabled student needed a service that was only provided in the old District (very rare); or a transition plan needed to be worked out so that the student could adjust to the new school (due to a disability where such transitions can cause severe regression in a student's progress, e.g. a severely autistic student who can't adjust easily to new places. The fact they like the old school will not be considered. PA law requires that a student attend school in the School District in which they live and generally go to the closest neighborhood school within that District (not the one across town).

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