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Is there a way for the father to claim the baby when safe haven law is placed, what legal matters does he have to go through?

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I had a baby about 10 months ago, the father and I had broken up due to a lot of arguing and he was moving out of state. I had told him I had lost the baby but I actually never lost it. I had went to the hospital and at the time I had been under a lot of stress and depression and trauma especially from delivering my own baby in my bedroom. My last day of being in the hospital I was crying the whole day because I did not know what I was going to do I already had two kids, I was struggling, I did not have a job, I was alone and I just do not know what to do. I said safe haven and they took the baby. I recently told my ex and now he wants the baby.

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He will have to file a paternity action and establish that he is the father

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The prior answer is correct in that the father must establish that he is the father, assuming you were not married to him. This would likely require retaining an attorney to assist him. Best of luck to him.

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Since you and the father were not married, the father has no rights regarding the child and will have none unless an until he files an action to establish paternity and obtains an order confirming that he is the father. That court can also establish parental responsibility, timesharing and child support. What the outcome of all that will be will depend upon the facts of your case. I suggest you consult an attorney if the father files a paternity action or if you are considering filing such an action to establish child support. Good luck.

This answer is intend to provide general information on the topic raised by the question and should not be relied up as or considered to be legal advice. Before you take any action, you should retain and consult with an attorney to confirm what the appropriate course of action is in your particular case.

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