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Is there a way for child being abused/neglected to live with us?

Albany, GA |

There is a lady that i know she is friends with my sister found out my family is related to her she has foster children she only takes them in to get money. she said the more children the more money she receives. she adopted a boy and gets his money from social security the boy has mental disorders hes 13 and he was abused in school also by other foster parents. he likes to come over to our house to talk to me i got him to open up and talk i was also abused in the same special education program and i have mental disorders I stopped them from abusing him and the adoptive mom did nothing she knew about it and didn't try to stop it. he started to get attach to us and said he wants to live with us we helped him when he thought of suicide said he was going to harm himself because of demons

he likes being at our house his adoptive mom did nothing psychologists have mentioned that people with mental disorders need to do things that feels comfortable to be around people that care he has to steal food with her because hes not fed properly he was beat with an extension cord and child services was called by the school because he got whopped with the cord he told child services he wants to come live with me and my mom when he is over our house he doesn't steal food he is fed and hes always laughing and smiling playing video games with me or while talking with me he smiles the doctor saw how he gained weight with us the doctor said he needed that weight gain he is too small he opens up to me and is comfortable talking to me than anyone else i support him and he thinks of me as his brother someone he can trust is there any way we can adopt him? this is the rooms we were locked in

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Georgia law permits someone to file in court as a "next friend" of a minor child if he or she has no legal guardian or other representative. Whether this applies is difficult to tell based on your description. You should consult with a family law attorney to understand whether you will be able to do this, or if there are other proceedings already under way. Please call 770-753-9995 for a no cost evaluation.

I am providing general information on the law only, and no attorney-client relationship exists by virtue of this exchange. You can not rely upon this as formal legal advice. If you require specific legal advice, you must hire an attorney and then your communications will be protected by attorney-client privilege, and you will have the benefit of an opinion of counsel.



he is adopted by the lady i mentioned shes a friend of my sister who have known each other for years also we found out we are related to her but he is being mistreated he was beat with an extension cord and he steals food to eat and child services was called he told them he wants to live with us he only opens up to me because i've helped him through his problems i know what hes going through i have been abused too so i know how to bond with him

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